Understand the People Who Were Born Under Pisces

When a person is born from 19th of February to 20th Of March, then that person is Pisces, and the most noticeable characteristics of the one who is born under the Pisces horoscope is that they are gentle, artistic and wise. Their vulnerability lies in over trusting towards others to the point that they had given of themselves in the service for other people and for that they tend to be a victim of abuse and prone to being a dominated.

They never like to be criticized, and if they experienced cruelty and injustice in the past, they had a difficult time to forget it, and it keeps haunting them for as long as they live that is why to fight such negative vibes they seek out to be more spiritual. Pisces the fish is known for having a harmonious relationship with other together with their artistic skills. That is why you will notice that most of Pisces people excel best in crafting and skills that showcase their artistic sides such as in acting, writing, and painting. They are typically selfless and giving. Aside from that, once they fall in love, Pisces is the most faithful sign among others. They are slow in judging others and always tolerant to the shortcomings of their partner. Most often, they are the ones who get the deep emotional attachment to their partner.

Pisces fish
In dealing with their love, they are a passionate lover who always wanted to feel the connection with their partner. Thus they are incredibly romantic by heart. Their personality suits best with the Taurus and Virgo male or female. Pisces people can easily bend in many diverse personalities and will not have a second thought to express what they really feel about the people surrounds them. They appreciate open communication with their friends and family and their intuition is often right when there is something wrong. Because of these personalities, a Pisces person is good to be a lawyer, charity worker, social worker, and vet as they can bring inspiration that could truly bring changes towards other people’s lives. They don’t tend to worry too much about finances and money, they are more focus on the spiritual goal, but they do have sufficient money to lead a normal lifestyle.

The only sad thing about being a Pisces is that they are can easily be a victim of lies and abuse because they don’t count the value of the things they had given to others–either material or emotional investment. Having a Pisces person in the family is a great gift because they will always help their parents and other siblings when they are in the difficult situation for as long as they have something that they can give. It is their ardent pleasure and desire that they can contribute to the welfare and betterment of other’s lives, while almost neglect to protect their interest. It is quite important that if there is a Pisces in the family, one must keep an eye on that family member for any abuse and injustice and you will be thankful once you did because they will retain their sweet personality.

Take a look at this helpful video by Barbara Goldsmith which goes over a 2018-2019 Pisces forecast.

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